10 Best Paid iPhone Apps are Available for Free and Save $50

10 Best Paid iPhone Apps are Available for Free and Save $50


1. Word Teaser

It takes a nimble mind and a strong vocabulary to solve these challenges. Can your brain handle the pressure? You’ll only have ninety seconds to beat the clock and uncover the hidden words! Each word is hidden inside the 5×5 grid, and they can be found in every possible direction: up, down, right, left–even diagonal or criss-cross. You’ll have to do more than guess: use your mind to solve each word challenge as they become increasingly difficult.

Find the target word immediately if you can, or uncover as many other valid words as possible.


– Swipe over each letter to uncover the hidden words
– Play in three game modes: Solo , Multiplayer and Categories
– Choose from 20 word categories
– Play against your friends
– Earn achievement as you advance
– Earn medals for long streaks

Game Modes

– Solo: compete against the rest of the world for the longest streak
– Categories: choose from a list of word-categories to search for, including animals, countries, brands, colors, sports, fruits & veggies and more.
-Multiplayer: Compete against friends and rest of the world to prove your mettle.

Do you like crossword puzzles, anagrams, or any other word search game that requires logic? If you like games such as WordBubbles, Word Search or Words With Friends, then you’ll love Word Teaser.


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