10 Best Paid iPhone Apps are Available for Free and Save $50

5. Nextcloud

The Nextcloud iOS app allows you to access all your files on your Nextcloud


– Read, rename, copy, move, delete all the files stored in your Nextcloud and send them to other App.
– Display documents, photos, videos, audio files.
– Automatically display previews of images and videos.
– Create new folders.
– Add any kind of data (documents, templates, photos, videos, etc…).
– Tag the most important files and folders as ‘favorites’ to consult them offline.
– Use the Passcode function for an advanced level of protection of single folders or to prevent access to Nextcloud to other potential users of your iPhone.
– You can enable the automatic loading from the camera so your photos shots will be available on your Nextcloud.
– You can enable memory optimization Nextcloud to save space on your iPhone.
– Share your files with others.
– Multi-account support.
– Monitors your cloud from More menu in tab bar
– Use theming Server
– Integration with iOS 11 Files App

Please report all issues at and discuss this app at https://help.nextcloud.com/c/clients/ios

New to Nextcloud? Nextcloud is a private file sync & share and communication server. It is fully open source and you can host it yourself or pay a company to do it for you. That way, you are in control of your photos, your calendar and contact data, your documents and everything else.


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