5 Amazing Annoying Issues in iOS 11 and iOS 11.1

5 Amazing Annoying Issues in iOS 11 and iOS 11.1

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OS 11 is a major upgrade to Apple’s mobile operating system, but it’s not without its faults. In fact, there have been some pretty frustrating and widespread bugs and issues reported for iOS 11, and its newest update, iOS 11.1. While some bugs have been fixed, others remain embedded in the software, and the latest iOS update has even introduced some new issues.

1. Autocorrect Bug


Among all of the issues with iOS 11.1, the autocorrect “i” bug is arguably the most annoying. It’s undoubtedly the most visible, as reports of the bug quickly took over social media after it surfaced.

To be fair, it is pretty bad. Basically, when a user types a lower-case “i,” it’s replaced by a random letter and a Unicode question mark or other symbol. There are a few workarounds, and the issue seems to have been fixed in the latest iOS 11.2 beta. But in the interim, it’s pretty frustrating.

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