5 Best Paid iPhone Apps Gone Free Right Now

4. Cycle – Time Lag Accumulator

Cycle is a time lag accumulator – a musical system that repeats the notes you play over and over until they gradually fade into silence. It’s a simple but very powerful idea, allowing you easily create fascinating and often unexpected sonic textures.

Cycle can be a delightful meditative experience, since the system naturally lends itself well to long and slowly evolving musical ideas.

Cycle can also be a great starting point for creating ambient music. Cycle features easy recording and exporting to both wav and midi files, as well as Inter-App Audio (IAA) and Audiobus support. Easily Airdrop or email recordings to your computer, and use them right away in your favorite DAW.


– 12 sound options. Samples by @electronisounds.
– Inter-App Audio (IAA) and Audiobus support
– Controllable tempo
– Controllable reverb wet/dry mix
– 5 new colors


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