9 Best Paid iPhone Apps That are Available For Free Now

5. Pocket Glasses PRO

Pocket Glasses is a pocket magnifier app that helps users to see small things without the glasses.
Pocket Glasses app solves all these problems once and for all! Easily changed that tiny blurry text into clear and readable text with zoom and flashlight built-in features. Great for presbyopia!

The app comes with 4 modes:
1. Basic:
– use slider to zoom-in
– Button 1: screen capture/freeze for better current view reading
– Button 2: easy pictures capturing
– Button 3: built-in flashlight making reading in the dark super easy

IMPORTANT! – You must give camera and mic permissions for this application to work

2. Text Sharpening:
Comes with 3 different text sharpening modes, try them all and find the one that suite your needs

3. Sight Correction:
Use it to adjust the app to your eye defect

4. Magnifier/Zoom Mode:
Use one of two predefined zoom modes x2 x3 or use the slider to enjoy up to x16 magnified vision

Use Pocket Glasses to:
– Read text written with small font like: menu, drug information, instruction manuals;
– See better & more details in small objects
– Read in the dark with built-in flashlight feature
– Magnifying and capturing small images


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